Adidas Endorses Trump

adidas trump

NEW YORK, NY — In an apparent response to Nike’s surprise endorsement of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Adidas inked a last minute endorsement deal with President Trump. This comes on the heels of nationwide protests by citizens who consider Kaepernick “Unamerican” for his peaceful protests against racial inequality and police brutality. This has led to numerous online videos of angry white men burning Nike shoes in their BBQ’s across middle America.

While many argue that Trump is not an athlete, Adidas pointed out that the president has spent nearly 1/3 of his presidency at a golf course.

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The ad shows a confused and hungry president staring off camera at a Big Mac that photographers had to dangle above the lens to keep his attention. The end result was a portrait of burning desire and determination. Across his face is the tagline “Believe in nothing. Even if it means sacrificing nothing.”

“We felt that his nothing attitude really aligned with our ‘Impossible is Nothing’ marketing campaign,” said Adidas spokesperson Walter Chung.

Adidas also claims they do not see the endorsement as an endorsement of the president or his presidency. “Adidas in no way endorses the president, but we hope that this deal will help boost our reach in white people sports like ice hockey, golf, and spikeball,” continued Chung.

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