America is Supremely Fucked

Yes, the conservatives are winning. And the news is only going to get worse. Protesting, Mueller, and the impotent democratic leadership can’t save you now.

With his announcement that he will be stepping down after 30 years as the semi-rational swing Justice and an increasingly conservative Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy has set the stage for decades of Trump values dictating law in the United States.

Few can fathom the implications, but it most likely means that Trumpers will now have the rule of law backing up their increasingly idiotic rhetoric. This will cover everything from LGBTQ rights to immigration to the environment and beyond. Yes, soon United States law will officially deny that climate change is real.

It was a good run, but thanks to Fox News, Rupert Murdock, NewsCorp and the other secret supervillains behind the imminent demise of the US, the war on decency, science, equality, and intelligence is over and they have all lost. As the profile of America changes, these “news” networks will become increasingly entrenched, further emboldening their followers.

While the Supreme Court and the Federalist Society slowly liken the Constitution to Mein Kampf, it will become increasingly clear that there are two America’s with divisions that can no longer be bridged. There is no doubt that the differences between the two America’s have been worsening since the launch of Fox News in 1995, and the only solution is to agree or divide.

If you ever find yourself saying “Mitch McConnell isn’t so bad” or “Melania is a silent victim” or “at least the Koch Bros didn’t support Trump” you may opt for agreeing.

Two years ago, Mitch McConnell was the evil genetically modified turtle that has served as living roadblock to anything progressive or beneficial to the American masses. A Confederacy sympathizer who blocked every attempt at Obama fairly appointing a Justice for 293 days.

And if you are feeling any kind of sympathy for Melania, just stop. She gold dug her way into the White House and now, because she can’t stand to be around the most despised human on the planet, she somehow gets a pass? She opposes Trump not because of her values, but because she wants to punish him for being a horrible husband and father.

When you think of the Koch Brothers, you used to see them as the puppeteers behind the curtain, buying and selling Congressional seats to line their pockets already filled with their IOU’s to Satan. So they didn’t support Trump at first, but only because they weren’t sure he was willing to fuck over America to fill their piggy banks. These two have started lobbying against PUBLIC TRANSIT in cities across the country so they can protect their gas and rubber tire interests. And their Americans for Prosperity is already actively lobbying for Gorsuch part 2. These two would sell hamburgers made of babies if they came with a tax credit.

Indeed, we may be nearing a secessionist movement or even another civil war, except this time it will be North fighting to leave the South. Middle America (or Satan’s Fleshlight) can erect a wall surrounding their country which would serve as a great checkpoint for stripping them of their guns, Confederate flags, Trumpcare? and whatever else they have been blessed with by the cronyist, kakistocractic, idiocracy that controls their government, before they can enter Coastal America.

Since most Trump supporters spend their lives within 100 miles of where they were born, international transit will not be frequent, and Coastal America will no longer be held hostage to the voting power of Middle America.

If you are not afraid of what Kennedy’s departure means then you are not paying attention. If you think for one second that Donald Trump will choose a moderate Justice, you are one of those still lost in hope. And if that’s not bad enough, consider the fact that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 85 years old and fighting desperately to stay in the courts until 2020. That may not happen, and soon 6 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices will be working hard to Make America Great Again.





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