George H.W. Bush Grateful He Lived to See His Son Become Not the Worst President

George W bush worst

HOUSTON, TX — As honors and memorials continue to pour in following the death of the 41st president of the United States, many insiders claim George H.W. Bush’s proudest moment came when he was certain that his son, George W. Bush, would no longer be remembered as the worst president in US history.

Though it was not a realization defined by a clear moment in time, those closest to him say the elder Bush died knowing that over the next two years, nothing could save President Trump from holding the title as our nation’s worst president.

“George senior was always bothered by the idea that his name and family would sit on the bottom rung of presidential rankings,” said historian Michael Potts, “Even though it wasn’t HIS name, it was his name with a ‘W’ in the middle. ‘W’ was a great son, but not all son’s make good presidents.”

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Up until 2016, Bush junior was often cited as one of the worst presidents to date. Joining the conversation with James Buchanan and William Henry Harrison, few could match the 43rd President’s ineptitude with budget management, diplomacy, eloquence, and tact.  So spectacular were his blunders as president that George senior felt it was near impossible for him to live to see another president fail with such pageantry.

When a simple-minded, misogynist, reality show host was elected to office in 2016, George senior kept his fingers crossed, but was not holding his breath. Many claim Bush senior felt that, unlike his son, Trump had at least been successful at something before becoming president. At the time, he did not know that Trump had masked a lifetime of failure in loans from his successful father.

“He never stopped believing in his son’s ability to become not the worst president,” said Potts, “But he had no idea it would happen in his lifetime.”

It only took a few months for historians to reorder Trump at the bottom of Presidential rankings. After two years, imaginary presidents are being added to the list so Trump can continue to sink lower.

“He(Trump) may be slowly dismantling global democracy,” added Potts, “But he sure made the Bush holiday dinners a lot less awkward.”


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