Trump Suggests Immigrants Wear Identifying Badges

Trump immigrants

WASHINGTON, DC — As immigration continues to be a hotly debated policy issue, president Trump has signaled he may be willing to negotiate with Democrats.

Yesterday, after much back and forth, Trump released a statement with his “final solution” to the ongoing talks. The White House has offered a set of guidelines that would allow “Dreamers” and other non-citizen immigrants the chance to live within US borders.

Trump has already ordered ICE to round up all illegal immigrants at their jobs, homes, and even churches. Instead of filling the prison system with the immigrants, Trump said he would order them all placed in enclosed neighborhoods where they could work and live separate from the US citizen population.

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Additionally, any illegal immigrant who wishes to temporarily leave these specified zones for landscaping or housekeeping purposes, could do so as long at they wore a clearly displayed badge identifying them as illegals.

Illegal immigrants have been the target of much of Trump and his supporters ire over the past year. They have frequently been blamed for rising crime rates and the economic slowdown. Although data does not back up these claims, their non-voting status leaves them easy prey for political scapegoating.

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“The illegal immigrant residential zones will be like a sleep away camp for those who have entered the country illegally,” White House advisor Stephen Miller said in a press briefing, “This will allow them to escape distraction and concentrate on what they did to deserve this exclusion. You could call them concentration camps.”

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